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For Sale By Owner Tips

6 Secrets for Selling Your Home For Top Dollar – For Sale By Owner

Today’s market in not what is use to be. You use to be able to sell your home for top dollar and quickly, not anymore. Even though financing is so easy to get, buyers are pickier than they use to be, skeptical, and discriminating. There is more technology these days, such as the internet and buyers really use that to their advantage. The “easy” sell days are over.

Preparing to sell your house is a crucial part of the whole process. Below are six steps to help you along the way.
  • Research: This is not a process where you experiment first and learn later. This is probably your biggest asset and that should not be taken lightly. Take the time to learn the details of the process, and when you have questions, ask.
  • Marketing: One of the most important aspects of selling a house is marketing, the key is to get it in front of as many people as possible. You are at a great disadvantage by not being in the MLS, so it is crucial that you come up with a marketing plan. Where are you going to advertise, newspaper, feature sheets, mailers, and open houses? Since the internet is where you are going to get the most traffic, make sure that you are on there and have pictures of the interior of your home.
  • Prepare Your Home: Get your house ready to sell before it is on the market. Clean up any clutter you might have and get rid of as many personal momentums as you can. People buy based on emotional appeal. Spend dome time walking through your house as if you were a buyer. List the things that detract from emotional appeal.
  • Know Your Loan: Know the details on your loan. You do not want any “surprises” at the end. Remember that mortgages are payable in arrears. If you were to close a transaction at the end of the month, your payoff would be more than the balance owed.
  • Prepare Yourself Mentally: You are going to have stranger coming through your home, be ready to have your time at home interrupted. People viewing your home will be able to read your unspoken language. Your attitude towards them will affect the interest in your house.
  • Understand Buyer’s Mentality: Many people will buy a “for sale by owner” because they think they are able to buy it for a cheaper price. They know that you are saving money on the commission and they want that money. As you know, both buyer and seller can’t save that money. Be prepared to handle this situation when it comes up.